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high-tech & innovative applications for the retail sector

At OB I Marketing & Communication, we have an extensive expertise in technologies and will translate your scenarios into digital solutions. We support you from conception to the implementation of your most complex projects. We can develop any personalized design. Our portfolio includes specific solutions for retail.







Wdesign, develop and industrialize solutions for the retail sector.


These solutions hep you to:


improve the customer experience


be more attractive


measure your performances


develop a.i solutions


implement a NEURO & Scent MARKETING strategy

give more values to you retention program


inbound marketing

Discover the value of inbound marketing, and learn how to create a complete inbound marketing plan with goals, timing, tactics, and measurable ROI.


Thank to our neuromarketing service, we are able to understand customer behaviours and to explain his preferences, motivations and expectations.

scent marketing

The most powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels with your customers. We design personalized sensory signature to enhance the attractiveness of your brand.

improving the way people connect and communicate

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